Hemp farming: Drones for improved CBD yield

Hemp farming has 2 key twin challenges: Firstly, Improve yield and secondly, regulatory compliance. Which is done by monitoring the prevalence of male plants and THC levels. Forward thinking hemp

Drones in India, like drones in Africa, are expected to solve many of India’s critical problems by leapfrogging existing technological constraints. Drones in India Regulations for drones vary

inspecting bridges from underneath by drone

The ideal inspection drone for facilities. From roof inspection drones to massive large scale facilities and long line infrastructures drone inspection, companies are turning to inspection drones as


Cattle Rustling

Cattle rustling is the IDEAL USE CASE for the AERIAL and MOBILITY ADVANTAGES drones provide. Stock theft happens in more remote areas where access and monitoring is more difficult for terrestrial

Using drones with remote sensing technologies for forest management Forest Fires Very destructive forest fires that started on 18 April 2021 on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town South

night vision sensor

Being able to see in the dark with a. drone with a night vision camera is a massive advantage. Especially when operations have to be conducted by people, and when this can be done remotely. With

border security with drones

Best Border Security and Control methods. Border Patrol Drones What is the best method: A Wall, or Drones? In other words: fixed or a virtual border? These are not the only options. But the

Multi UAV solutions can be geared according to operational requirements

What are the key parameters for a successful Food Delivery Drone? What drives the minimum delivery range and ideal payload weight? What is the ideal delivery mechanism? How can reduced delivery time

Best drones to buy

We have seen a significant increase of buyers moving from single drones purchases for piloting/prototyping purposes to fleet purchases as drone technologies are being adopted for mainstream