ATLAS T Multicopter

The Atlas-T Aircraft has a 80min flight time that can be equipped with:
• Remote Laser Gas Detection
• Day night sensors
• Auto object tracking & geotagging
• Long Range Antenna Tracking System options for 20km (1W) and 150km (8W),
• Remote Field Pack Antenna System.

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A VTOL fixed wing with a 3.2meter wing-span and a range of up to 100kms that can be deployed for any application that requires BOTH high endurance and secure and reliable long-range communications to multiple command stations in real-time. Electric and Petrol versions available.

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The Digital Datalink is a long-range wireless network that operates on the 2.4GHz frequency. It is intended to be used in UAV applications and can transmit encrypted IP, PPM and Serial communications. The Digital Datalink can support up to 25 Mbps over its IP network at 1W or 8W of RF power and can get long range wireless video up to 100km

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S1 Dual Gimbal has a state-of-the-art onboard image processing capability. The onboard processing leads to a rock-solid target tracking performance and eliminates any communication latency issues. Its processed video reduces the data rate and requires lower bandwidth datalinks, which is of extreme importance for modern UAVs. The video stream, along with snapshots, can be stored in HD quality onboard the S1 Dual Gimbal.

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The Remote Laser Gas Detector UAV can efficiently and rapidly detect methane gas from 30 meters away. This allows for accurate remote sensing on a UAV platform

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