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Remote Laser Gas Detector

Nextech’s MS-04 Methane Sensor is your go-to solution for detecting methane gas using cutting-edge laser technology.

Nextech’s Methane Sensor can detect methane gas up to one part per million while simultaneously mapping the GPS coordinates of the leak, taking visual and thermal images of the area, as well as write exportable files that can be created into dual thermal and visual RGB files. The mapped data and GPS coordinates can then be swiftly handed over to the on-the-ground inspection teams in real-time.

Laser sensors are much sharper with rapid detect and respond capability and can automatically detect hairline gas leaks in conjunction with infra-red and optical cameras.





Gas detection distance

0.5 m

30 m

Distance detection

0.2 m

30 m

Response time

0.1 s

Min. Resolution

1 ppm*m

Detecting range

0 ppm*m

5000 ppm*m

Basic tolerance


Working power consumption

3 w

3.5 w

Storage temperature

-40 °C

60 °C

Operating temperature

-20 °C

50 °C

Working humidity


Working pressure

68 kPa

115 kPa

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