Unmanned skies. The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is rising rapidly worldwide. Long known only for their military applications, UAS are increasingly being deployed by civilian governments

Misconceptions about drones: They’re robots. They fly. They’re watching you. And they’re increasingly found everywhere: Yup, they’re drones. You may think you know exactly what they are and

No fly zones in cities

Smart City Technologies are being deployed in cities all over the globe. Drones and the smart city. Case study Wisconsin police recently reported that with the help of their search and

Let’s assume for a second that you’ve already started your drone photography company. You’re a smart, sound, rule-abiding pilot. You’ve done a handful of projects for friends, family

Identifying weeds Read more about hemp farming with drones here.. Weeds cannot duck and cover when a drone flies overhead. Researcher Chris Neeser is counting on that. The Alberta Agriculture weed