DRONE NEWS May 18, 2015 by Harry McNabb –

In speaking with several architects recently, DroneLife has found drones being used in architecture and construction are becoming more and more commonplace. Many professionals within the industry expect the number of drones within the space to grow exponentially in the near future.

While some companies will hire a dedicated drone operator, many will outsource this service to local providers who have the proper licensing, expertise, and skill to create high quality photographs and videos.

Here are 4 REASONS to HIRE A DRONE SERVICE PROVIDER on construction sites which are set to expand dramatically and why these companies should start planning now.

For Project Planning/Marketing of Projects: Showing a prospective client what the seaside view from their third story window could look like, is an important part of selling property. On the other side of that equation, if you were about to spend a million or ten million on a beach/mountain/lake home, wouldn’t you want to see what the view will be outside of your bedroom before you plunk down the first payment?

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Commercial Construction Stakeholders: Showing the views of/from yet-to-be-constructed buildings or additions is very helpful for getting people to support the project. Some of this is done with CAD drawings, but a drone brings so much more to the table. Even using lifts, the assumption is that you have already started construction and that it is accessible with a lift. A drone can track progress and record images regardless of how much progress has been made.

Construction tells a story: Most construction projects start with a dream. The beach house, the skyscraper, the mixed use facility – you name it – it takes the collective effort of many people. An owner, or general contractor, often times wants to document each phase of the construction as part of that story. This documentation is much easier and much cheaper to do using drones.

Liability: Not the most fun thing to talk about, but liability is an extremely key element. Whenever you have different groups of people working together on a project, there are inevitable problems that can sometimes lead to court. Mix in the very large amounts of money and time that go into construction, and you get a highly explosive liability cocktail. Having video footage that details on a regular basis the construction process can be invaluable when determining who is culpable and who is not.