GS-54 Methane Detector



The Remote Laser Gas Detector UAV can efficiently and rapidly detect methane gas from 30 meters away. This allows for accurate remote sensing on a UAV platform. With the fast detection rate, a UAV can rapidly cover a large area allowing for quick and efficient pipeline inspections. The remote detection also allows the user to safely survey areas that may be hard to reach or in hazardous terrains such as busy roadways, pipes suspended under a bridge. 

Laser sensors, which are much sharper with a quicker response, can automatically detect the relevant gas and, in conjunction with infrared
and optical cameras, then take both a visual and a thermal snapshot of the identified leak.

Open adaptor for Airborne Drones, or any other UAV

Adaptor for INSPIRE II

Methane Detector Specifications

Normal parameters  
Gas detection distance 0.5 30m
Distance detection 0.230m
Response time--0.1s
Min. Resolution 1ppm*m
Detecting range 050000ppm*m
Basic tolerance+-10%@1000ppm.m 
 Working power consumption -33.5w
Storage temperature-40-600C
Operating temperature -20-500C
Working humidity --98&
Working pressure68-115kPa

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