A powerful BVLOS solution




The ATLAS-V UAS has a maximum cruising speed of 100km/h, and the maximum operating altitude is 3000m. The UAS endurance is up to 3 hours. The purpose-built propulsion system, complemented by extended payload options and rapid payload integration, offers optimised performance. A VTOL fixed wing with between 3 -4-meter wingspan and a range of up to 100kms that can be deployed for any application that requires BOTH high endurance and secure and reliable long range communications to multiple command stations in real-time. 

Flight Time
 3 hrs

Up to 100kms

1.5 – 3kgs

3.2 – 4.1M

Up to 25Mbps



Reduced RF interference
Specifically designed to provide reduced Electronic Magnetic Interference (EMI) of up to 70% compared to other designs, the ATLAS-V ensures that you get the full value of your digital datalink and allows the integration of electronically sensitive payloads. Its robust navigational system further enhances operational capability, safety, and reliability.

Persistent and Pervasive Surveillance
The silent electrical propulsion and long-range real-time feedback link make this platform ideal to provide persistent, and stealthy, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance), over your aircraft’s full area of coverage (both day and night). This long-range video feedback can further be broadcasted to multiple ground teams or command stations.

Safer Infrastructure Inspections
Safety is an important aspect when conducting inspections of major infrastructures such as oil refineries, wind farms, pipelines inspections, factories, etc, where combustion engines provide a higher level of risk. etc. Electrically propelled UAVs provide an effective, as well as cleaner, alternative.

ATLAS-V UAS design philosophy

The ATLAS-V is a fixed-wing VTOL unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed and manufactured by NEXTECH, to support multiple missions of small tactical military units as well as search-and-rescue (SAR) teams. The purpose-built propulsion system, complemented by extended payload options and rapid payload integration, offers optimised performance. 


ATLAS-V Key Features

Endurance and Range The ATLAS-V has been carefully designed to provide the ideal balance between Endurance, of up to 3 hours, and Range, of up to 100kms.

Flight Characteristics The VTOL capabilities means that there is no need for launch or recovery equipment nor a run way of hundreds of meters. The aircraft is able to take-off vertically to the required altitude and then transition into a fixed wing for forward flight while it can transition back for hovering, or landing when required. It is further aerodynamically designed for enhanced manoeuvrability and an improved ability to withstand very windy conditions. With the best of both worlds it is not necessary to choose between a fixed wing and a multi-rotor anymore.

Payloads The ALTLAS-V accommodates various multiple/various payloads including high-resolution mapping systems to advanced surveillance EO/IR cameras with object tracking and more.

Optimised Design By using the correct mix of carbon fibre and fibreglass materials, the aircraft design achieves the optimal combination of endurance and range ensuring that electronically sensitive payloads and communication systems can achieve maximum performance.

Handling and Transport The compact modular design means that the aircraft can be rapidly assembled and deployed, by one person, in under 2 minutes. The lightweight, compact carry case make carrying and handling the aircraft securely during travelling, a breeze.

Fuel Option For applications that require longer endurance a petrol propulsion option is also available.

ATLAS-V Applications
Security and Surveillance: silent electrical propulsion with 2 EO/IR dual sensor gimbal system, object detection, tracking, video recording and ideally suited for stealthy security and surveillance applications, day, or night. Inspection and Detection: safe inspections of long-range infrastructure installations and management. As well as a variety of other applications from Mapping to Agriculture, Military, Search and Rescue, Wildlife and Game monitoring, Disaster Management and many more. 

  • Disaster management
  • Law enforcement
  • Entertainment
  • Wildlife monitoring
  • Weather forcast
  • Applications of drones
  • Search and rescue
  • Precision agriculture
  • Geographical mapping
  • Shipping and delivery
  • Aerial photography

Ground control station

The ATLAS-V comes with a UAV ground station will have a 4G module that will allow information to be received from live feed video and to either be relayed over TCP/IP stream via internet (LAN PORT) or encrypted streamed over any 3G/4G NETWORK within range. We will provide modems that meet standard regulations at countries of destination.

How it's operated

This HDMI encoder is easy to be operated. Turn your HDMI-equipped camera /device into a video source, and live broadcast on any streaming platform.

It is compatible with most live broadcast platforms, such as Ustream, Livestream, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live or even build your own using streaming media server, such as Wowza or Xtream codes. It supports multi-stream output, up to 4 video streams output as well as multi video stream to multi-platform simultaneously.

LTE command and control capabilities, allowing safe beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights and enables real-time data upload for quick access to your drone. Drone operators can control and monitor their drones using a 4G LTE connection from anywhere in the world through the cloud. 

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We offer the below line items with our purchased drone solutions (this is customizable and can be end-user/customer-specific): 

  • Warranty Included
  • Maintenance Packages Available 
  • Site Analysis 
  • Spare part packages available. 
  • System command room integration can be provided. 
  • Customizable container command room options available. 
  • Infield practical training (this can be done at the client or be done at one of our headquarters or training centres). 
  • Set up and preparation of (UAV) training. 
  • (UAV) maintenance training. 
  • (UAV) Pilot training course. 
  • Flying software system training. 
  • Drone commissioning. 
  • Pilot certification. 
  • Custom transportation cases.