Drones help catch train thieves.

PKP Cargo, Poland’s largest rail freight operator, has announced that recently introduced drones are helping to significantly reduce the amount of thefts from the company’s trains. 

drones as force multipliers

“Thanks to the initiatives undertaken by PKP Cargo, in the first half of the year losses due to theft of goods from trains were reduced by almost 60 percent,”

the company commented in a release.

The drones are used to record live footage around trains thought to be at risk, with coal being the most commonly stolen material from PKP Cargo.

“Thanks to the fact that we have installed cameras with high quality optical zoom on [the drones], it is possible to gather evidence which will allow the police to identify the thieves. While in flight the drones are practically inaudible, and due to their small size and their colour it is difficult to notice them,”

PKP Cargo explained.

In the first half of 2015 the value of goods stolen fell by 59 percent compared with the corresponding period of 2014, amounting to a reduction in loses of around PLN 1.6 million (EUR 0.4 million).

Drones help catch train thieves.

According to Maciej Borecki, head of the company’s Security and Audit Office, the costs of the drone programme have already been recouped. He said the company could not reveal how many drones are being operated or their cost, as this remains sensitive information.

Organised crime groups are often behind the thefts from freight trains, with a common tactic of creating an obstacle on the tracks to temporarily stop the train.
Via: Radio Poland

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